Our GSA (Global Sales Agent) services are the result of thousands of international contacts formed over decades of experience, which is the foundation of any business.

We are honoured to represent major hotel chains, cruise lines, tourist boards, and incoming agencies in some of the world’s most desirable destinations.

On behalf of our clients, we handle all activities ranging from negotiation to contracting and promotion across all market segments (e.g. holidays, corporate, groups and conventions, etc.). All of our services are in accordance with our clients’ specifications and we provide tailored solutions for each individual case.

One of our distinguishing features is that we work with all of the specialists in each small market segment (golf, diving, fishing, adventure tours, etc.), so we know where to focus our efforts. We understand that there are numerous opportunities for business growth in various segments of the Italian and European markets. We want to be your company’s commercial support in these markets, attracting new customers and increasing sales through a stronger presence in each market. All of our activities are directed toward a single goal: the satisfaction of our customers through “deeper” commercial action in the market.


1. Conscientiousness
Conscientiousness is the most accurate predictor of professional success and the most powerful predictor of leadership. We are goal-oriented, conscientious, and have high expectations of our partners, which is essential for a GSA.

2. Empathy
Empathy is an art, an ability that allows us to tune in to our Partners’ feelings and intentions. The ability to “put oneself in the shoes” of others, to enter their reality in order to understand their points of view, thoughts, feelings. It enables us to understand our client and allows us to develop a close relationship with them. We regard it as an important emotional competency in which our team is deeply invested.

3. Responsibility
The ability to provide answers, to recognize that our thoughts, actions, and attitudes can produce specific outcomes. And it is precisely the outcomes of our partners that we are concerned with, taking on new responsibilities for them on a daily basis. We put three basic ingredients into our operator: fairness, awareness, and a sense of duty.

4. Achievement
We constantly assess our performance in relation to the goals we set with our partners. Adaptability and flexibility are required to meet the needs of our partners and pursue the success to which they aspire.

5. Enthusiasm
We are passionate about what we do. Your interests are the same as ours. Many markets revolve around personal relationships: we put ours at the disposal of our Partners, so that our passion leads to their success. Motivation leads to success, and passion is the key that unlocks the door.





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